10 DIY Fall Activities For Kids

Posted by Andrew Getz on Oct 26, 2017 2:58:54 PM

Vibrant colors. The crunch of leaves. Crisp, sunny days. That can mean only one thing – fall is here! Don’t let the cooler weather stop your kids from getting fresh air and exercise. Jump into fall with these 12 DIY backyard activities!

1. Create A Leaf Maze – Everyone has memories of raking leaves into giant piles and jumping in! Try turning the leaves into a cool maze and watch kids find their way out. Find out how from Happy Hooligans.


kids leaf maze


Photo credit: Happy Hooligans

2. Take A Nature Walk – Walking through the beautiful fall colors is a great way to get outside. Take it to the next level and make it more fun for kids with these tips from Kids Activities Blog.


nature walk


Photo credit: Kids Activities Blog

3. Chalk Drawing – It’s not just for summer! Grab some chalk and let your imagination soar. Use your driveway, sidewalk or even the trampoline mat for your personal canvas.


chalk drawing


4. Apple Picking – Head down to a local apple orchard for some apple picking fun! And follow it up with an apple pie baking session!


apple picking


5. Scavenger Hunt – Get them searching high and low all around the backyard with an outdoor scavenger hunt. Inner Child Fun has a great list for an autumn treasure hunt!


scavenger hunt


Photo credit: Inner Child Fun

6. Capture The Flag – A classic game. They’ll be running around so much they won’t even think about the chill in the air!


capture the flag


7. Jumping On A Springfree – Yes! You can still jump when it’s getting chilly (even in the snow!). Just make sure they wear socks to keep those little feet warm.


fall jumping on trampoline

8. Build a Mini-Golf Course – All you need are some simple household items like cups, toys and cereal boxes. Learn how to build your own from My Kids’ Adventures.


mini golf


Photo credit: My Kids’ Adventures

9. Hunt for Buried Treasure – ‘X’ marks the spot! Bury a prize (candy or toy), create a map of your backyard and watch the fun.


buried treasure


10. Bike Ride – Fall is the perfect time to go for a family bike ride. It’s not too hot and the crisp air and fall foliage will brighten things up!


family bike ride


What are your favourite fall activities? Share them with us in the comments!

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